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These pages are dedicated to my horse, Tai-Pan Of AA, a registered Appaloosa stallion and the love of my life for 20 years...continue on to read his story and mine

Tai-Pan was born in 1966 in North Dakota at the AA Ranch of Matt and Laura Boggio.  Laura was reading the book, Tai-Pan, which is how he got his name.  His sire was Whistle Britches, probably one of the most well known Appaloosas at the time.  His dam was Speckled Trout, who was sired by Dan Patch, and out of a half Arabian Mare.  Go Here to see Tai-Pan's Pedigree.

Tai-Pan was sold as a 2 year old to Woodland Acres in Minnesota and for them he was a State Champion in Reining, Calf Roping and Trail.  He showed at the National Appaloosa Show in 1970 in Trail and Calf Roping.

Tai-Pan was an outstanding working horse and worked cattle on the Ranch, and he was their main herd sire until 1973 when he was sold to us - Mike and Kathy Shaffer.

Tai-Pan's story at that point took a different turn.  While he was still a show horse in 1974 and 1975, he became my buddy for the next 20 years.  I was 23 years old, horse crazy and Tai-Pan was my first horse, my teacher, and my friend.  Many days, I started out with a sandwich, a bottle of water, and Tai-Pan and we rode all day, all over the county, into town, across fields, and down the local State Road.  Sometimes we rode alone, and sometimes we rode with friends, either way Tai-Pan was a perfect gentleman, and was very careful to take care of me.

We also bred a few mares to him each year.  He sired over 75% fillies of all colors and patterns, with almost 100% appaloosa color.

While Tai-Pan was my riding buddy, we also showed him in the Indiana Appaloosa Shows, with a 13 year old girl, Dottie Benjamin riding him, in Halter, Western Pleasure, Reining, English Pleasure and Jumping.  English classes were new to this Ranch Horse and he took to them like a duck to water.  In 1974 he was State Champion in Jumping, and placed in every class he was in.  He competed for 13 weekends that year, and always placed in every class he was in - Pleasure, Reining, Jumping, Trail, Barrel Racing - it didn't matter.  He always gave his best.

In 1983, at the age of 17, we leased Tai-Pan to Raindrop Acres in Greene, NY.  As usual, Tai-Pan made friends wherever he went.  Raindrop Acres used him as a herd sire and a lesson horse to take to schools.

In the meantime, we bought another stallion, I'm A Nugget Two, to cross on Tai-Pan daughters.

In January, 1993 at the age of 27, we brought Tai-Pan home.  I looked forward to riding him again that summer, but it was not to be.  In July 1993, while pasture breeding 5 mares, Tai-Pan died after being kicked by a mare in pasture and breaking his front right leg.  Tai-Pan died as he lived, doing his job with all of his heart.